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01/11/2017 · Installing Turbo-C on Windows using.EXE file is pretty easy task.But to install the same Turbo c on Ubuntu.One need to follow the below steps in order to run Turbo-C in Ubuntu [Linux].We need DoxBox Emulator to launch Turbo-C compiler in Ubuntu Steps:- Install DosBox Emulator using Ubuntu Software Center Download Turbo C. To install, you need to unzip it and install Turbo C 2.01 as an application in DOSBOX. As we do not have UNZIP or PKZIP.EXE in dosbox, we need to unzip it from Linux. Start up the Linux File Manager, navigate to mycdrive and unzip To install Turbo c c compiler in Ubuntu/Linux, you first need to install Dosbox Emulator under Linux/Ubuntu. So, go to Applications- Ubuntu Software Center Then, search as type under Ubuntu Software Center search- DosBox Emulator After search as you will get the software- Dosbox Emulator. remember your turbo c directory must have to be in home directory that will be assume as your c drive by dosbox. step-6: install turbo c typing the command "install.exe". step-7: now follow the procedure and after installing get back from the current directory and go to the directory name 'tc' which will create into c drive. mount c: c:\ c: cd tc\bin tc; After you save the notepad file, close it and run DOSBox as you had run the first time. This time when you run DOSBox, you should be shown with the following screen. This is your Turbo C. I hope my article helped you install Turbo C on your computer.

If you ever wanted to try some good-old MS-DOS games and defunct C compilers like Turbo C in Linux? Good! This tutorial will teach you how to run MS-DOS games and programs under Linux environment using DOSBox. 3Go to dosbox and typed followings a mount c c bc: ccd turboc dtc 4Now the turboc starts But when exit from the turboc,i have to again mount the turboc and have to follow again the above procedure.' Can i mount the turboc permanantly throught dosbox, that means whenever i clicked dosbox,turboc starts automatically Awaiting for help. The reason why Turbo Ccan not run under Ubuntu is because turbo Cis built for DOS. But there is a way to do it. The solution to this problem is to use DosBox, which is a DOS emulator for Linux O / S. DosBox has a very light repution and stable emulator for DOS based programs and is developed with the greatness of using it to emulate DOS. 1 turbo C free compiler download and install procedure on Windows 7/8/8.1 2 some books and materials to get started with c/c language Earlier versions of Turbo C and Turbo C were fully compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. turbo c with dosbox free download. This project presents clone of the Borland Turbo C/C or Embarcadero C 10.1 ‘Berlin’ library "conio" for the GCC compiler, more precisely for the C language in Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

30/04/2009 · Google this: Linux windows emulator You run a windows emulator and run your program. But programs written in Turbo C use the Windows API. So they are not Linux programs until compiled by a Linux C package.

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